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We have many of our great features listed below. We have the best functionality there is to offer at your finger tips. Discover our Premium Features that are tailored to specific industries.

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Fan Wall

You know your customers talk, let them have a place to go. Our Fan Wall is a forum for people to connect over their shared adoration for you and all that you do.

Event Listings

With turn-by-turn directions, in-app RSVPs, and comment capabilities, your event turnouts will be hitting all-time highs. Sorry, no virtual gift bags just yet.

Custom Email Form

Make our features work for you. The adaptable Email Form helps you gather exactly what you need from users, with custom fields and reworkable content.

Contact Information

Make “at the click of a button” a reality with our one-touch contact features like, Click-to-Call, Quick-Directions, Share-Now.

Business Information

The multi-functional Info feature offers Custom Design, Multi-Level Information, Custom List, and  that lets you present whatever content in whatever way you’d like.

Native Image Gallery

Showing off is easy with the beautiful Gallery feature. Integrate your Flickr, Instagram, or Picasa albums, or create an exclusive in-app gallery.

Points Of Interest

POIs are essential in keeping people around the neighborhood. With a convenient map view of top locations around you, your customers will never stray too far.

Music Player Feature

Get people pressing play with our native Music feature. You’ll be going platinum in no time. Integrate iTunes tracks albums, Sell songs in-app, Allow comment sharing options.

Mobile Reservations

Pack your schedule without picking up the phone. Our Reservation feature lets customers select an appointment time and book through the app.

Podcast Feature

Sync up podcasts for in-app streaming. Users can listen on the go, even when they navigate outside the app. Integrate recorded podcasts.

Video Integration

No more double-posting. The hassle-free YouTube feature syncs your videos automatically, so your users can see the latest without leaving the app.

Email Photo Feature

Need a simple way to receive pictures from customers? With the Email Photo feature, submissions are sent directly to your inbox. Please, no selfies.

Premium Features Below

These features are premium because they do not suit every industry. However the industries that do need these features will see an incredable Return On Investment!

This Includes Restaurants, Stores Real Estate, and Golf Courses!

Food Ordering

With our native Food Ordering feature, restaurants see a direct return on investment, placing ordering power in the customers’ hands. Customers not only order thier food, but they can pay for it with credit/debit through the app. If you already have an online food ordering solution, we have partnered with the largest online ordering providers to intergrate thier services into out apps.

Mobile Shopping Cart

Build your own marketplace or integrate your online store with this simple sales solution. Through our Merchandise feature, businesses can Customize item photos & descriptions, Set delivery fees and tax rates, Manage your orders through the Portal, Accept payments in-app with credit/debit!

Real Estate

A Real Estate app is a great tool for real estate agents to showcase properties they're renting or selling. Our app solution can also intergrate you IDX feed for maximum results! With a Native Mortgage Calculator that allows you to calculate a monthly repayment using variables such as loan amount, loan term, and interest rate. The mortgage calculator will then return the results based on the information you input! This is a great tool for any agent to help their clients.

Golf Courses

With this feature, you can build out a golf course range and allow users to score their games right in the app. Players and Members can keep up with the distance from the Green Front, Middle, and Back from their exact location. Keep up with every Course's Par, Handicap and Special Notes to track your personal progress. Never worry about pen and paper again, with a digital Score Card you can keep track of your competive games and email the results at the end!


If you have any questions about any features or about any services, feel free to fill out ou form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.